General Guidelines & Information

General Guidelines & Information

Who Should Enter?

We are looking for women who have proven business achievements, who demonstrate leadership qualities and collaboration, and who are elevating the industry both through their work and their passions.

We are not necessarily looking for women who are at the top of their careers—we are looking for rising stars who have a strong trajectory for future growth.

Does that sound like you, or someone you know? We invite you to put forward yourself, or up to two women from your company, with an explanation as to why you/they stand out in the industry.

Find out if you are eligible to enter:

The nominee must be based in Asia Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand).

The nominee must work in any discipline within or adjacent to brands, media, marketing, advertising, and communications.

We will consider candidates who have appeared in other Campaign Asia-Pacific listings, such as 40 Under 40, Women Leading Change Awards, and Tech MVP — but we prefer there to be a 12-month gap if the candidate has already been featured in any of these lists.

We do want a list that celebrates a diversity of markets, so we encourage companies to spotlight their talent from across the region.

We will have a Women to Watch Greater China edition later this year. Nominees from Greater China can nominate to both lists.

Important notes to consider:

Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by a co-worker/manager.

Neither age nor job seniority will be factored into this list. We are open to nominations from junior roles through to C-suite, so long as the individual can prove their success thus far, and a trajectory for further growth. It is worth noting we are looking to celebrate the achievements of women who have not yet reached the very top of their professions or the pinnacle of their careers.

You are allowed to nominate up to two names from your company per market you operate in. To be clear, this means that if you are a company with multiple brands/agencies under it, you can nominate up to two women per brand/agency per market.

We will not rule out choosing more than one candidate from a given company for the final list if they prove exceptional.

Payment Methods:
As for the payment method, you can choose between online (credit card/Union Pay) or offline method (bank transfer).
For online payment, you will be redirected to STRIPE our secure payment gateway and we accept the following credit card types: VISA / MASTER and AMEX. To pay via Union Pay please select this and you will be redirected to the payment page. For credit card/Union Pay, a 3.5% bank surcharge will be applied.
For bank transfer, you can transfer through your personal online banking system or arrange the transaction at the bank. The payment deadline due for the bank transfer is the next day by noon time (12 pm Hong Kong Time) of the respective entry deadlines.
If you choose the bank transfer option, you will be responsible for any bank fees related to this transaction. Please do indicate this to the bank clearly when making the transfer.
For further details on the payment methods, please refer to our entry kit.

You can flag confidential information by putting it into [square brackets] to mark various sensitive parts.
We ask that you only flag the specific information that must be kept confidential, rather than the whole entry or very large parts of it, since we will rely on this information to compile a profile of any nominee that makes the list.
The Organiser reserves the right to publish details of the entries that are not marked as confidential.

Judges reserve the right to raise queries regarding the information provided and will penalise any entry if there is evidence of inaccurate and misleading claims or in cases of substantiated misconduct or reputational damage, which may result in the entry being disqualified.

All credits required on the online submission form must be filled in correctly and cannot be changed after submission.
Entrants are responsible for ensuring that all credits are correct at the time of submission and to ensure that all information submitted is accurate. The Organiser is not liable to make such changes.
Any requests for changes are subject to the approval of the Organiser. A fee of HKD 1,000 will be charged for each change if approved.
Once the entry submission is confirmed via our online platform, all credits on the online entry submission form, indicated as credited company/nominee names, market/office, will be treated as FINAL.
All credits submitted will be used for publication across all channels on Campaign Asia-Pacific and WTW websites to announce the selected women as this year’s Women to Watch.

For entries submitted by or on behalf of the nominee, the endorser must be a member of senior management, which will be the CEO, MD, or Head of the office.
NOTE: The nominee cannot endorse her submission. In cases where the nominee is the most senior member of management/brand representative, the second most senior representative must endorse the entry.
If any changes are made to the written submission at the request of the Organiser, the original endorsement will become invalid. The endorser must endorse again when submitting the revised submission.

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